Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmsas tree!  When freshly cut this tree has good needle retention, 1.5m-2.1m (5-7 foot) trees typically range from £25.00-£35.00

Norway Spruce

Nordmann Fir

The new favourite with beautiful blue-green needles and arguably the best needle retention of any tree, even more so when freshly cut.  Typically taking 2-3 years longer to mature than the Norway Spruce our trees are individually hand-pruned to produce a premium tree.  1.5m-2.1m (5-7 foot) trees typically range from £37.50-£52.50

Nordman Fir

Blue Spruce and Sitka Spruce

The Blues have a very distinctive colour and smell and the Sitka is a slightly softer looking tree than the Norway Spruce.


Blue Spruce

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